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Trendimensional Platform is the first virtual prototypes library powered by AI.

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Virtual prototyping is key
in the digital transition
of the fashion industry.

And all companies should have the tools
to easily integrate it. 

We take care of the technical work. Our users enjoy the benefits.

With our GenAI and pre-made digital content,
the lack of skills and time is no longer a barrier
to become more competitive through 3D technology.


Download and integrate valuable content
for every stage of digitalization.

Explore thousands of virtual prototypes on the Trendimensional Platform, including everything needed to reach pre-production samples in record time.


Find inspiration and shop the latest trends without the need for hours of research or catching a plane.


Avoid errors with our industrial-standard patterns, ready for use as a foundation or in manufacturing.


Hyper-realistic models with 95% of the work done. Basic skills enable infinite variations.

Reach the final production sample 80% faster and 75% cheaper.

Minimal alterations to the workflow, nor extensive training required. Achieve the best results with your own team, without the need to turn your company upside down.

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Would like to know how Trendimensional can help to reduce your costs?

We believe that a greener fashion industry is possible. 

For us, sustainability is not a marketing tool. It's a serious matter. That's why we have the mission to promote virtual prototyping, which can reduce waste generation by up to 80%.

Cotton T-shirt





0 L

0.8 kWh

0 m.

6.5 Kg

2.700 L

750 kWh

1.5 m.

0.25 Kg

This is not just our journey. 
It's yours too.

Do you want early access to the Beta Platform and free content? 

Are you interested in investing in the tech disruption of fashion?

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