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Trendimensional is a company whose mission is to accelerate the digitalization of the fashion industry by creating 3D garments for their application as content for E-commerce, WEB3, retail and marketing. Whose vision is to become the main provider of 3D samples for the largest retail groups in the sector and help the fashion industry to become more sustainable while expanding the product to all kinds of realities.

Trendimensional emerges in the context of a global digital revolution, in which 3D modeling is incorporated into the production processes of the companies for their optimization: avoiding part of the physical sampling, the material, economic, and environmental costs with which it is associated are minimized.

We witness with true fascination the constant emergence of new possibilities for the fashion and retail industry in the digital environment. Each project is a new challenge that our team faces with technique, creativity and digital innovation together with our experience in the traditional retail industry as well as in the emergent Web3 ecosystem. Based in Barcelona, we work towards the goal of projecting our vision to the rest of the world.


Adrià Doy

Trained in fashion design, he has worked in the fashion industry as a designer and project manager in different companies in Spain, London,  Bangladesh and China for already 10 years. As well as his large experience and knowledge in manufacturing that now helps brands cover the gap between digital and physical production.

When he learned about 3D design software and the possibilities of digital fashion, he understood how he could improve the problems he had encountered in his day-to-day work as a designer. Since then he has discovered the creativity that exists in the business world and the art of designing solutions.

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Fashion designer by profession, specialized in the creation of digital fashion and digital twins using 3D design softwares since 2019. Focused on improving design process digitalization and exploring the creativity that 3D unlocks.

In the pasts years she has worked for international brands such as Kenzo and her work has been featured in magazines like Vogue, Paper and Elle. She has exhibited her designs at events such as Dcentral x Art Basel Miami, Digital Fashion Week NYC, Metafash and has participated in conferences such as the Circular Fashion Su
mmit at SPIN Metaverse. As well as a large experience in WEB3 and NFT space.

Mar Guixà

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